Upcoming Minifighters Exam 9/23

The following Minifighters students have been selected to test for their next rank on Saturday, September 23rd. Good Luck to all of you! - Sensei Frank



1.   Alexis Garcia

2.  Josue Ramirez

3.  Luis Elias Telles

4.  Antonio M. Sanchez

5.  Jordan Lopez

6.  Xavier Perez

7.  Candy Martinez

8.  Iliana Robles

9.  Kaylee Ortega

10.  Alexander Delgado


11.  Kevin Lopez

12.  Ezdras Bollaños

13.  Jonathan Hernandez

14.  Marijose Valadez

15.  Christian Gonzalez

16.  Joshua Muller

17.  Carlos Daniel Diaz

18.  Samanta Martinez


19.    Isaac Mendoza

20.    Victor Arevalo

21.    Bryan Mejia

Sorian-Do School Photoshoot

After 20 (yes, 20!) years of operation, Sorian-Do Martial Arts is updating its brand. What better way to advertise our school than by using some of our very own students? Now, we can't show you everything, but here are a few great shots from Saturday, September 3rd.

A big thanks to all the students who participated!

All photos courtesy of Richard Russo.