Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography


Because SORIAN-DO requires a more extensive skill set than traditional martial arts, it may take practitioners anywhere from 4-6 years to move through the ranks. This results in well-rounded martial artists trained in a variety of fighting styles and self-defense techniques.

For more information on the SORIAN-DO Belt Ranking System, see our section here.


While every rank is an important accomplishment, students who attain the Black Belt truly demonstrate persistence, skill, and discipline. 

It takes courage to begin training in the martial arts, however, it is the ability to follow through that separates the best from the rest. 


Students who test for the 1st Degree Black Belt must demonstrate the following:

  • Mastery of all color belt requirements, from 9th Degree Yellow to 2nd Degree Red

  • Understanding and application of proper technique, body mechanics, speed, power, balance, and accuracy

  • Ability to modify self-defense and fighting techniques for optimal performance, based on personal physical capabilities

  • Self-discipline, respect, humility, and personal growth

Once a student has attained the Black Belt, they may continue training as a Senior Student in the Advanced class. Students under the age of 18 are considered Junior Black Belts.


In addition to the above, students who wish to qualify for Instructor Certification must have:

  • Completed the Leadership Team Lecture/Training Program

  • Prepared multiple groups of students for belt testing/served on Testing Panels

  • Read assigned novels/write essays prior to the exam, as assigned by the Chief Instructor

Certified Instructors may continue to teach Megafighters/Minifighters students, or are more than welcome to open a new school or program under the SORIAN-DO style.


All Black Belts, whether Senior Students or Instructors, may move up in rank based on the following criteria:

  • Must be active in the martial arts for a minimum of 3 months, either training or teaching others

    • Instructors must continue teaching to retain Certification; otherwise, standard rank will be awarded

  • Must wait a minimum of 2 years before testing for each degree between:

    • 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, or 3rd Degree (Master) Black Belt

  • Must wait a minimum of 3 years before testing for each degree between:

    • 3rd Degree, 4th Degree, or 5th Degree (Grand Master) Black Belt

  • Must wait a minimum of 4 years before testing for each degree between:

    • 5th Degree through 10th Degree (Great Grand Master) Black Belt

After attaining the 1st Degree, Black Belts are encouraged to not only refine previous techniques, but to continue to develop as martial artists through their own research, investigation, and experimentation.