The Leadership Team is a group of intermediate and advanced student volunteers working towards Black Belt Instructor Certification. Leadership Team members help run a safe, productive, and well-managed class, as well as reinforce the school's rules, policies, and guidelines. In order to provide younger students with adequate teaching and mentorship, all Leadership Team Members are 13 years or older and 5th Degree Blue Belt or higher.


Members must attend lecture-style Leadership Classes and teach under a Certified Black Belt Instructor. This combination of knowledge-based and hands-on training allows Leadership Team Members to develop good social skills, a strong presence, and the ability to teach students. Leadership Team Members are required to:

  • Complete 15 Leadership Lecture Classes

  • Serve on Belt Exam Testing Panels

  • Provide On-the-Mat support to Black Belt Instructors 1-2 times a week

  • Train and prepare a group of Beginner students for the next rank

  • Help run and organize student Belt Exams

  • Attend and assist at school seminars

  • Treat students with respect, demonstrate a positive attitude, and lead by example

  • Represent the school in a professional manner

Each Leadership Team Member is asked to draft a personal Mission Statement reflecting his/her values and life goals.

Each Leadership Team Member is asked to draft a personal Mission Statement reflecting his/her values and life goals.


In order to be an effective leader, members must first understand what makes an effective leader. Lecture-style Leadership Classes allow for self-evaluation, problem solving, and understanding personal goals and values beyond the martial arts. On-the-Mat training with a Certified Black Belt Instructor allows Leadership Team members to receive constant constructive feedback, understand the finer details of SORIAN-DO basics, and fosters a healthy student/teacher relationship. By the end of training, Leadership Team Members will become Certified Black Belt Instructors that can:

  • Run belt exams and award ranking

  • Give back to the community through teaching

  • Cooperate with others and lead by example

  • Deal with conflict without resorting to violence

  • Communicate effectively with students and peers

  • Set goals for themselves and others

  • Utilize strategies to reach those goals


Leadership Team members must attain the minimum amount of credits to qualify for Black Belt Instructor Certification. Credits are composed of lecture hours, Megafighters/Minifighters teaching hours, and belt exam/school function service hours. Teaching and service hours may also be used for credit in academic organizations (such as National Honor Society). 

To receive Bronze Level Teaching Certification by the time a student reaches the Black Belt, he or she must have a total of 240 credits. To meet this goal, Intermediate students should teach a minimum of 1 hour per week, and Advanced students should teach a minimum of 2 hours per week. Students who fail to teach consistently and meet Leadership Team requirements will be dismissed by the Chief Instructor.