Q. Will Martial Arts training make my child violent? 
A. Absolutely not. Our training enforces values and life skills such as Self-Discipline, Cooperation, Responsibility, Character and Respect.

Q. Does Martial Arts improve self-esteem?
A. The program is structured to challenge students in several ways; as a student conquers these challenges, he/she develops confidence in his/her abilities.

Q. Will my son/daughter learn discipline?
A. Yes! We teach our students the benefits of making good choices without being told, and are rewarded accordingly. See our reward systems here.

Q. Which program will my child be in?
A. Typically, students ages 5 to 7 will train in the Minifighters program, and students 8 and older will train in the Megafighters program. The Chief Instructor will make the final decision.


Q: Do I need a belt/uniform for my first class?
A: No. For the first few classes, wear loose/athletic clothing that allows you to move freely. No shoes or socks are allowed in the workout area. Long hair must be tied back. Also, no necklaces, earrings, or other jewelry should be worn, as it can easily scratch or be broken.

Q: Can I bring a friend/relative to train with me?
A: Yes! Our classes are open to men, women, and children over the age of 5. Family discounts are available (see Chief Instructor for details). Anyone interested in training must have a signed waiver and meet with a Black Belt Instructor before class.


Q. Is Martial Arts safe to practice?
A. All sports have risks. However, safety is paramount in training  students must always wear full protective gear, and we train in a way that minimizes the possibility of injury.

Q. Do you offer one-on-one training?
A. Private lessons are not offered, but students often work in small groups or pairs under the instruction of a Leadership Team Member or Certified Black Belt Instructor.

Q. I don't like katas/point fighting/self-defense. Can I skip those?
A. Our ultimate goal is to create well-rounded martial artists. Each belt requires mastery of certain traditional, self-defense, and sparring techniques, and cannot be excluded based on preference.

Q. I come from another school can I train here?
A. You are more than welcome to join in a workout. If you'd like to become a student, see here.


Q. How is a student's progress tracked?
A. Black Belt Instructors keep a progress report for his or her group of students, and offer instant feedback/tips for improvement. Students can track their own progress based on awards they receive,
such Reco Stripes, Stars, or Progress Stripes. Parents and/or students may also request a personalized Progress Report from their Black Belt Instructor.

Q. How are Progress Stripes awarded?
A. Progress Stripes are awarded once a student meets all requirements for that stripe/learning block.
Progress Stripes are an indicator of improvement. When a student has mastered the requirements for that belt, he/she will move up in rank.

Q. How are students selected for Pre-Testing?
A. Once a student has all three progress stripes, he/she is eligible for pre-testing. Pre-tests are run during regular class and allow students to practice the material they will present on the day of the Belt Test.

Q. What happens at a Belt Test?
A. Please see our section here.