One of our top priorities is to foster a safe training environment, which requires each student to have specific gear/equipment. Purchasing equipment as soon as possible ensures students enjoy the full benefits of SORIAN-DO training.


Regardless of program, all students wear the same type of uniform. Color is used to denote the student's bracket, or level within the class:

BEGINNER STUDENTS (black and white uniform)

INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS (black and blue uniform)

ADVANCED STUDENTS (red and black uniform)

All uniforms are a durable cotton-polyester blend
and machine-washable. Students receive a new uniform when changing brackets, but may purchase
a new uniform before then.


In order to participate in sparring drills and point-fighting matches, students must have the following:

  • Head Gear

  • Rib Protector

  • Sparring Gloves

  • Sparring Boots

  • Shin Guards

  • Mouth Piece/Mouth Guard with case

  • Groin Protector (recommended for male students)

See an Instructor for colors, sizing, and price.