Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

SORIAN-DO is a Modern Martial Arts System founded in 1998 with its roots in Song Moo Kwon Tae Kwon Do, one of the oldest forms of Korean fighting.

SORIAN-DO has become a complete and well-rounded martial art that utilizes abrupt linear movements, flowing circular patterns, strong hand techniques, lightning-fast kicking combinations, powerful takedowns, and quick and effective submission (grappling) techniques. The school curriculum also includes a traditional and contemporary weapons program, as well as scenario training to ensure a realistic approach for effective self-defense.

SORIAN-DO is a training system for both the mind and the body, with emphasis on the development of values and life skills such as goal setting, self-discipline, and good moral values.


SORIAN-DO has a ranking system that is composed of 10 ranking belts, from 10th Degree White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt. As students move through the ranks, a striping system is utilized to track progress within the current rank. Learn more about our Ranking System here.

Students learn a combination of traditional and contemporary martial arts practices, including:

  • Traditional Katas/Forms

  • Tournament Point Sparring

  • Boxing and Kickboxing Techniques

  • Personal Self-Defense Techniques

  • Ultimate Fighting Techniques

  • Grappling (Submission Fighting)

  • Board Breaking

  • Weaponry

SORIAN-DO prides itself on developing more than a student's fighting ability. Other training benefits include:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance

  • Coordination

  • Character Values

  • Flexibility

  • Self-Confidence

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Ability to Lead


New students begin as 10th Degree White Belts. Students with previous martial arts ranking/experience will be evaluated by the Chief Instructor for SORIAN-DO ranking.