Under the instruction of brothers Raúl and Francisco Soriano, Megafighters School of Tae Kwon Do first opened its doors in autumn of 1996. Over time the training style evolved, and the school was renamed Megafighters School of Sorian-Do.  

Megafighters  Class of 2015

Megafighters Class of 2015


Classes are taught in one-hour increments and divided according to student level/skill. The Beginner Class meets one hour earlier than the Intermediate/Advanced Class three times a week.


The first class is comprised of 10th Degree White and 9th Degree Yellow Belts. In this class, students become familiar with the basics of SORIAN-DO while training under Certified Black Belt Instructors and Leadership Team members. A typical class begins with a quick warm up, followed by group drills. Students in this class practice:

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

  • Basic Stances and Blocks

  • Basic Traditional Katas

  • Basic Board Breaking Techniques

  • Basic Falling Techniques

  • Basic Self Defense Drills

  • Basic Kicking/Punching

  • Basic Point Fighting Drills

  • Basic Grappling Drills

Drills and exercises vary depending on the week's learning block. Students are often broken into smaller groups to allow for individualized attention and quicker progress.


The second class is comprised of all remaining ranks (8th Degree Orange to 2nd Degree Red). Students in this class have already grasped the basic fundamentals of SORIAN-DO and work on more complex requirements, such as:

  • Advanced Stances and Blocks

  • Advanced Traditional and Open Katas

  • Advanced Board Breaking Techniques

  • Sequential Falling Techniques

  • Advanced Self-Defense Techniques (both required and student-created)

  • Advanced Kicking/Punching/Striking Combinations

  • Point Fighting and Grappling

  • Boxing, Kickboxing, and Ultimate Fighting

  • Weapons Sparring

The Intermediate/Advanced class is taught only by Black Belt Instructors, and students may pair with Black Belts as training partners. This class is more physically demanding than the Beginner class, and requires additional protective gear as students progress through the ranks.