A new Martial Arts Program for children 5-7 years old.

The Minifighters program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 5 to 7, and serves as the equivalent of a Martial Arts Prep Course. Minifighters students learn the basics of SORIAN-DO as they work towards the 9th Degree Yellow Belt. Graduates from this program then move into the Megafighters program.

Safe, fast-paced, and professionally run, the Minifighters program helps students develop:

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

  • Motor skills

  • Coordination

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Balance and Strength

  • Respect

  • Self-Discipline

  • Moral Values

  • Life Skills

Most importantly, the Minifighters program is both educational and fun! 


Classes are taught in one-hour increments twice a week. Students work in small groups according to belt level, and train under a Leadership Team Member or Certified Black Belt Instructor. A typical class begins with a quick warm up, followed by group drills designed to keep students energized and entertained.


The overall goal of the Minifighters program is to move students from 10th Degree White Belt to 9th Degree Yellow Belt. As students meet specific requirements, they earn belt levels instead of ranks. Upon completion of the program, students will earn the 9th Degree Yellow Belt.


10th Degree White Belt*
Yellow Level
Orange Level


Green Level
Blue Level
Purple Level


Brown Level
Red Level
9th Degree Yellow Belt*

*These ranks are equivalent to the ranks in the Megafighters program


At each level, requirements are broken down into sections or learning blocks: 

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

Photo: Albert Peña / G3 Photography

-Stances & Blocks
-Board Breaking
-Terminology/Character Development/Life Skills

-Self-Defense Techniques

-Samurai Wars

In order to track progress within levels, students earn colored stripes in accordance with the learning blocks:

BROWN STRIPE = Brown Block (Traditional)
RED STRIPE = Red Block (Self-Defense)
BLACK STRIPE = Black Block (Sparring)

Stripes may be earned in any order. Once a student earns all three progress stripes, he or she is eligible to pre-test for the next rank.


Minifighters  Class of 2015

Minifighters Class of 2015

By integrating life skills with martial arts training, Minifighters students develop mental, emotional and interpersonal aspects such as:

  • Discipline - Discipline can be broken down into three categories. Students learn the difference between these categories, and, with practice, develop the most important discipline of all: self-discipline.

    • Discipline - Children who are disciplined will do what they are told to do when they are told to do it.

    • Self-Discipline - Children who have self-discipline will do what they know is right without being told.

    • No Discipline - Children who have no discipline cannot understand boundaries and struggle with respect and authority.

  • Courage, Confidence (Positive "Can Do" Attitude) and Intensity - Students will learn to overcome fear and nervousness through training that initially seems intimidating, and will also learn how to demonstrate martial arts techniques with attitude and power. 

  • Responsibility - Students learn to care for their belongings and take responsibility for their actions. 

  • Respect - The first line of self-defense, students will develop respect for self and respect for others, including parents, family members, and authority figures. Students learn how to say "Yes, Sir/Ma'am" and "No, Sir/Ma'am" in their very first class.

  • Leadership Abilities - Students will be taught to take initiative and lead certain games, drills or to answer questions in front of peers.

  • Teamwork/Cooperation - Students work in teams and in conjunction with Instructors on different drills.

  • Good Manners - Students will practice taking turns, being helpful, and having consideration for others.

  • Listening Skills - Students are given precise instructions they will need for drills and techniques.

  • Focus and better concentration skills (Memory): students will learn how to focus all of his or her attention to the task at hand while committing to learning and growing.

  • Goal-Setting - The concept of goal-setting is introduced in the very first class. Through motivation, encouragement, and reward systems, students will learn to set, understand, and make a plan to reach
    any goal. 

  • Perseverance - Students will learn how to face challenges, alone and with peers, even when the challenges seem difficult to complete.  

  • Handling Peer Pressure - Students will learn to evaluate situations, make good choices, and how to say NO to unhealthy peer pressure. 

  • Honesty - Students will be exposed to powerful mat talks and stories where Instructors re-enforce the value of telling the truth, even when it's difficult to do.


Students who demonstrate a strong will to learn and consistent effort in class may be nominated as an E.L.I.T.E Leader. These students serve as an example to others in the class and are often asked to demonstrate techniques, lead others, and help with the warm-up. Each bracket (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) has an E.L.I.T.E. Leader, and is selected by the Black Belt Instructors after an exam.


Before a Minifighters student can earn their 9th Degree Yellow Belt, he or she must also complete the You Can Choose! program. This live-action DVD series takes a look at common scenarios children face daily at home and at school, and covers: 

  1. Cooperation

  2. Being Responsible  

  3.  Dealing with Feelings

  4. Saying NO!

  5. Doing the Right Thing

  6. Dealing with Disappointment

  7. Appreciating Yourself

  8. Asking for Help

  9. Being Friends

  10. Resolving Conflicts 

The You Can Choose! program combines music, humor, drama, and role modeling into compelling skits that encourage children to ask questions, interact with the characters, and solve problems.