Competitor Brandon Soriano as he enters the ring.  Photo by Richard Russo.

Competitor Brandon Soriano as he enters the ring. Photo by Richard Russo.


Team FURY is an invitation-only organization designed for competitive sport. Students must be 6+ years and 9th Degree Yellow belt or higher to apply. Members are selected by audition in front of a Black Belt Panel, and must compete for a full calendar year.


To truly test their skills, Team FURY competes in AOK (Amateur Organization of Karate) sanctioned tournaments. The state of Texas is divided into 4 regions: East, Central, North, and West. Each region holds several tournaments throughout the year.

Team FURY is part of the fiercely competitive North Texas region, where competitors face off against each other in open forms and point fighting. At each tournament, winners collect points for every first, second, and third place trophy. At the end of the year, the Top Five competitors — in every division, from every region — battle for the title of State Champion.


Coached by Sensei Andrew Soriano and advised by Sensei Francisco Soriano, both former AOK Competitors, team members train Saturday mornings and during week nights as schedules allow. Training focuses on dynamic movement, improving cardio, flexibility, and agility, and developing showmanship. All members must compete in both Open Forms and Point Fighting.


Team FURY recently completed its second calendar year on the AOK tournament circuit. All members for the 2016 season were Top Competitors in their divisions and extended invitations to Texas State Finals, where two members became Team FURY's first State Champions.

2017 Tournament Schedule available here.